Apple iPad Launching Failure and what Indian Companies can learn from it


So in the last 3 days, my feed reader is filled with Apple iPad related news, mostly with negative reviews talking about how feature deficient the product is so after going through the list of its features, here is my review of it and what I think about the whole fiasco –

1. There is No Coolness Factor with iPad – iPad is not a new product in market, is not offering any new features and is overly costly.
2. I am not even sure if Apple was ready to launch the product, I mean it don’t have USB and flash support and for me it is hard to believe any hardware nowdays without USB support. There are some other hardware limitations too limiting the user functionality.
3. Most of the people are still not sure what the device is for – I won’t be surprised if many still wondering, what exactly iPad is supposed to do ? is it targeted towards tech savvy crowd or a common men ? I am myself not very sure if I get iPad, what I will do with it
4. I don’t believe in product name should be great but they could had come up with something better then iPad as apple’s target crowd is tech savy so something more tech sounding would had been better.
5. You can not take your loyal customers (even fanboys) for granted – Yes,, even apple has huge loyal fanbase but if Apple were thinking that people are willing to pay $800 for iPad just to have another Apple product, then they are wrong.

What Indian Companies can Learn from Apple iPad Launch Failure
1. Launching a product which is not ready for market is a recipe for disaster no matter how big you are. Many Indian companies do this and I myself have been guilty of doing this.
2. Underestimating the customer and taking them for granted – no one will just come and handle you the money because you are so awesome, infact in India, getting money from the customer is even more difficult so you better don’t take them for granted.
3. Is the product even worth buying – In his 10 rules for web startups, evan williams has talked about you being the user of your own product, I wonders how many of the apple executives will be using iPad (it is not about being able to afford it) in future.

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