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Alright, so a concerned friend suggested me to go to Titan eye to get high quality frames, I did some online search and found that Titan eye is a chain of stores by Titan Group claiming to launch first of its kind stores where they will offer high quality frames and glasses. I read in an online review that the starting price is Rs 375, fair enough!

So I went to Titan Eye, Jayanagar, Bangalore, spent 5 mins, liked a frame and asked the price, they said 26,000! Wait what ? how much, 26,000 + for glasses, 11,000 so overall it will cost you Rs 36,000.

Now for someone whose budget was 6,000 (not that I can’t buy costlier frames/glasses, it is just that I feels like it is not worth it, 6k is also not a small amount), there is no way I am going to pay 36,000. I have no idea about the built quality of the frame nor about the company (I had never heard about that company anyway) but paying 26k for a frame is ridiculous, unless it is made of real gold and diamond, something which it wasn’t.

So I politely said, I will think about it and came back.

Now while coming back, I was just thinking of Business model of Titan Eye. I saw some reviews of it on the web which were not that good, everyone was complaining about the pricing that nothing is less than 10,000 there. I am also very sure that the manager and employees there are on payroll (unlike on earn when you sell, something which typical optician follows).

One thing is sure, Titan Eye is looking to target the upper class segment, those who won’t look at the prices and will happily pay 25k for a frame which probably costed 10k to titan eye but the question is, how many such people are there in India and are they that stupid ? well the answers is, the number is way higher then you think and yes. 🙂 In metros, there are tons of people with loads of money to burn which is the target market for Titan. Though I would love to see a similar store for Indian upper middle class but then, won’t be competing with the local opticians stores, which offers personalization ?

One thought on “Business Model of Titan Eye

  1. Aeroboy2010

    Oh Boss, just you had escaped from the Greedy hands. Same goes here in Chennai also.
    Not only Titan, but also, Vaasan, Anglo – American Dr Mathew
    God only can save our Visionary/Visually challenged, including me.

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