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There is NO glamour in Startup, Build a Business

This post is for the first time budding entrepreneurs though probably applies to everyone who hasn’t figured this out, that there is NO glamour in Startups. Surviving on ramen noodless, working 80+ hours a week and the desire to build the next big thing works well for first 6 months but after that we all realizes that it is just life and business.

Being in Bangalore and after attending so many startup events (I don’t attend them anymore as I have passed that “phase”), I can see so many people chasing glamour which is perfectly fine as it is their life and their priorities and anyway soon they will find out that chasing the glamour is worthless. What people should chase is Business. Startups are fun but there is no glamour in it, you seeing your name in newspapers/TV will be exciting for the first time but unless it convert into company growth, it is meaningless.

I learnt this the hard way (after burning few lakh rupees) that you should look to build a business, a self sustainable, scalable business and the rest will follow.

I am DONE with TOXIC Clients

May be this is because I am not 21 anymore and has started valuing my time but to me it looks like I am DONE with toxic clients (there are at least two with us). They ask for everything, pays less/late and undermine work and cost.

I am also seriously thinking of changing the way I work and the business model (I am already working on it but will take few months as I am starting from scratch and learning lot of new technologies on my own).

If you are running a services businesses, here is my honest advice – Leave toxic clients right now, tell them NO. The sooner you do, the better it is.