Do you own Bootstrapping, its worth it

In the last 4 months, I must have met over 3 dozen startups in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, most of them have got initial round of funding (very small) and are looking for next round of funding, though I feels they are exceptions and the chances of you getting any bootstrap funding is almost zero unless

1. You already have good contacts and network with VC
2. You are in your 30s and have say 10+ years of experience, specially at management level in some really big corporation
3. You are a team (2 is good, 3 is even good) from IIT/IIM

so if you (like me) don’t fell in these categories, you are better off putting your own money in your venture rather than looking for external funding since you won’t get any. I have always felt, in India, you can easily bootstrap for 5 Lakh, may be 10 lakh at max if you do not hire anyone and do all your work (like development, Maintenance and marketing) and it is not that difficult to get such amount now days, infact if you are 3 partners, you all 3 can put 2 lakh each and do all the work and that 6 lakh can go a really long way!

No investor is going to give you any money of his, if you yourself do not want to put any money of yours on your own idea.

Another problem of getting initial seedfund of 20 lakh and less is that, for investors it is not worth their time to deal in such small amount and you may be wasting your time too in trying to contact with them, you may be better of putting that time in building the product and talking to clients and getting their feedback, if you good traction and visibility, investors will anyway chase you.

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