Does this kind of marketing really works ?

Daily I get atleast 2 such mails where some random person whose name I never heard of, send me an email asking me to join the site or else he will feel bad


(right now Hi5 is leading the race of spamming my inbox)

This kind of tactic is not new and I am seeing it since 2006, infact this is a very good way to increase membership of social networks but only as long as its genuine, and these mails certainly don’t look genuine. The worst part is, these sites do not even allow you to opt out for such kind of mails!

And even if this kind of spamming do work in getting more members but then those members who join do not care about the site and don’t even look back at it. I don’t think a person can be active in more than 2 social networks anyway (for me, linkedin and facebook are doing fairly good).

I wish these guys understand that this “Spray and Pray” method doesn’t work like this, but then, it is not costing them anything, so why they should stop ?

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