How to lose a Client, the Hyderabad House way

This happened last sunday. For those of you, who are not aware, Hyderabad House is a food chain in south India, mostly based in Hyderabad but has also branches in other cities too.

I tried to order one veg biryani from them (they are about 1 KM from our office) at 7:30 PM and they said, No, we won’t do it. I said, wait, last week you had done it and few weeks before that too but that guy firmly said, No, we won’t do this time unless the minimum order is Rs 150 (my order was of Rs 98 including the delivery charges). It seems, whether they will deliver it or not depends highly on who is attending the call and what mood he is in. The person in charge also failed to figure it out that the delivery boy in any case will pass from our office (it is on main road) to deliver to others so effectively by repeatedly asking me to make a minimum order rather then being flexible, Hyderabad house lost a customer (I am assuming their margins are above 50% so they lost the money too by not taking my order).

Businesses in India, specially non online, needs to understand the importance of converting every call to sale irrespective of profit margins.

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