India needs to get its shit together and have to start Respecting Life and Women

I hang out a lot on various web forums and India’s image has taken some beating in last 6 months. India is making the headlines on daily basis for two reasons. Rape and Loss of life.

Since Indian newspapers are filled with garbage, I don’t read them nor I have a television but here are some of the news items of last 48 hours.

1. There is Indian Air Force chopper crashed killing 20 people.
2. Manipal student gang raped
3. American gang Raped in India

Yes, India is a big nation, has 1.2 Billion population, media is more wide spread and yes, probably this is not all new and is going on since beginning but still this doesn’t mean we can close our eyes as these are not isolated cases.

I always felt that you should judge a country/culture with 2 basic things

1. How much respect they give to life.
2. How much respect they give to women.

I think we know pretty well where India stands. Unfortunately there is no quick cure for any of the above two problems and for India, it is more of a cultural and attitude problem. Well I can just hope that people in India irrespective of who or where they are and despite of their social, educational and financial status start respecting life and women.

If you know any such organization who is working on solving these two problems, please inform me, I would love to help them and be part of it.

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