IndiaTimes finally built a social networking (?) site but why ?

I just got a spam mail from some Nikhil Gupta who asked me to join iTimes, Indiatimes social network or something of that sort. The email had no option to unsubscribe and the registration link was just pointing to registration page of itimes which means these are mass spam mails with no tracking what so ever.

I can already see tons of fake profiles on the site and Indiatimes is also taking the usual tested failed method of leveraging on gossip, bolloywood, celeb pics and cricket. iTimes is probably late by 6 years and can’t even compete with orkut which itself is taking its last breaths in India, I am not sure what was the whole logic behind iTimes, Indiatimes probably wanted its own community and wanted to leverage on its existing sources but they are taking the wrong approach with very poor execution.

I really hope they can get rid of this cheap fake profiles, stop spamming, get rid of bolloywood, celebs and cricket and focus on real problems like say Exams, Ration Card etc otherwise the site is destined to fail

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