Justdial – Where is the unsubscibe option ?

I often get unsolicited mails from justdial like asking me to join their facebook group or to forward justdial to friends to make money, since I get lot of such emails from many companies, I don’t mind such mails as normally I click on unsubscribe (bottom link) the first time I get them to remove my email ID from mailing list (it is mandatory to have an unsubscribe link for such emails)

Now the problem with justdial is, though they have the unsubscribe link, it just don’t work!

Here is what my unsubscribe link shows

It is hard to believe that justdial programmers can make such basic error of using $variable = $variable in their code, I am seeing this for the last 4 months now and the problem hasn’t’ been corrected so I am going to assume that justdial don’t want me (and anyone else) to unsubscribe from their list. And the biggest disappointment was, I had never even subscribed to their mailing list, I never filled any form where I checked any checkbox saying that justdial can contact me with their offers, it seems they are working on an opt out model with the optout option not working.

13 thoughts on “Justdial – Where is the unsubscibe option ?

  1. Jeeva

    I am not surprised at all. Justdial ‘s IT team sucks. I am told it is led by a 12th pass guy who for obvious reasons heads the IT without having adequate qualification or knowledge.

  2. surendra sharma

    i want to unsuscribe my account my number is 9415728434 and 9336720062. sir plez unsuscribe because i have no benifit

  3. Ashok Shrivastava

    Please unsubscribe my TATA POWER Payment Mails to mail ID:pcb@deluxemetal.com

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