Lucid Dreaming

Dreams fascinates me and I do try to spend time learning more about REM and lucid dreaming. Most of my knowledge about LC comes from this sub reddit (do bookmark it, it has some real gems).

I always wanted to have a (wish I could build it too, but well, let the more smarter people work on it) lucid dreaming machine, something which can tell me when you are dreaming so I can control(?) the flow and actions in the dreams. There are actually many such primitive devices available (like remee) but not sure how effective they are as most of them look to be simplistic and are based on our sleep cycles and shows some visual signal.

At the above mentioned reddit, there are tons of people who claim to have master lucid dreaming and it does look like it is not a very difficult thing to master, infact I am sure all of us had dreams where we knew we are dreaming, it is just that controlling it is the difficult part.

So why Lucid Dreaming fascinates me ?

We all have “dreams”, right ? to travel the whole world, to go to outer space, to dive into the deepest trench in ocean, to jump from a plane, to fly a plane or drive a F1 car, to do tracking in himalayas etc (you got the idea). The problem is, we don’t have money, time, skill and courage to do these things.

Now the excitement of these activities is in our brain, our brain get stimulated because of the “kick” and the thrill and the experience get saved in our brain. Now what if this can be reproduced with lucid dreaming! This may turn out to be one of the greatest invention in the last 100 years. Imagine, a common man in India who can experience driving a big car or living in ambani’s house! It may be a brief experience but the memory and experience will be permanent.

Right now it won’t be possible but I would love to work on this project in near future.

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