My 10 Days in Kolkata


So I am about to leave kolkata in next couple of days and its been an interesting journey both from business point off view and learning point of view, and though I did burned lot of money, it was worth it.

Kolkata seems to be strange city, I have been to all the metros + Hyderabad and kolkata is so not like them. it seems to be stuck in 60s and 70s even in 2009, there are still rickety rickshaws pulled by humans, narrow dirty dusty roads filled with all kind of litter, stray dogs roaming even on main roads and flags of political parties waiving at various corners.

Some parts of India seems to be growing way too rapidly whereas the 8 states UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhatisgarh, MP and Rajasthan seems to be moving way too slowly, and the worst thing is, half of India’s Population lives in these 8 states which brings down the whole nation.

It is useless to complaint about politicians and bad politics when the people themselves don’t want to improve things

One thought on “My 10 Days in Kolkata

  1. Sam

    Kolkata is in a bad state but the innocent charm of the city and the old-world aura is captivating. Other cities have transformed into plastic (and unsuccessful) wannabe ‘Westernized’ cities. Kolkata, meanwhile, has been able to retain its heritage and culture. You cannot fall in love with other cities like you can fall in love with Kolkata. 🙂

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