Pain of being a Single Founder in Indian Startup

1. So Ronery – No shoulder to cry, talking to yourself way too much!

2. You can not validate ideas and implementations. No one is there to tell you that you are wrong.

3. Have to do all the work which reduces the pace of growth of the startup and increases tension, pressure and worries (many of them are unnecessary)

4. You have to pay all the expenses from your own pocket.

5. You will lose lot of Hair!

/written from my own personal experience

5 thoughts on “Pain of being a Single Founder in Indian Startup

  1. Emanuel

    Same problems also in Israeli startup 🙂
    6. You will meet a lot of “smart asses” that will try to convince you that you cannot succeed without a partner…

    Good Luck!

  2. Emanuel Ilyayev

    Yep. CrowdSource is developing an open SaaS delivery platform. We aim to help SW developers to deliver their web applications in a SaaS delivery model including Multi-tenancy (out of the box, without changing their code), billing, scalability, security, monitoring etc.

    I said “we” because although I am a single founder, I get a lot of help from other people…

  3. Janaki pendyala

    I AGREE with you totally Pushkar….I am a loner, started my venture 3.5 yrs back and still struggling to make it call a “company”:).

    Currently, I am trying to get some funding to grow and… .your list of VCs is very very useful.

    Many thanks

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