People are Unhappy, NOT because they have less but because Others have MORE

Tomorrow is Diwali, Indian festival of light where people burst crackers and celebrate victory of light over darkness. It is always nice to see so many happy strangers around you 🙂

This post was kept as draft for some time so I thought to finish and publish it. I have tweeted this earlier too and strongly believes that “People are Unhappy, NOT because they have less but because Others have MORE“. I am myself have been guilty of this many times. /meh

In India, we are raised in a very competitive environment, we studied in government schools with 70+ students in one class, each competing with others, private schools are even worse. After school, there are competitive exams, college, job and we keeps on competing with others for more and better resources. What this competition has done is –

1. It has made us insecure. We feels failure is unacceptable which eventually leads us to play safe (this is a huge topic in itself, I will cover it later)
2. We envy what others have because we don’t have what others have.

I was discussing this with my college friend Rahul few weeks back that why Indian education system needs to be reformed and why kids should be taught to how to live life, how to think rationally, how to respect life and others opinions as well as to be a better citizen. I really hope we can get “It is OK to fail” and “It is OK if others have more than you” in Indian school curriculum.

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