So finally “visited” Goa

well so finally I got the chance to visit Goa thanks to Rahul and couple of his friends. The trip was adventurous (by my standards) and I certainly got the +ve ROI, not sure about the other three though. We certainly went beyond the budget (the calculations are still to be done!) and things were little unorganized but this being the first visit of all of us, this was expected.

Here is a quick summary of the trip

The Good
* Took 3 day off from work (though still did some work from hotel room)
* Now I can also say to everyone that I have visited goa!
* I did enjoyed spending time on the beach (who don’t?) and late night dinner (we came back at 1 am), having a hotel 100m away from beach turned out to be the best part of the journey.

The Bad
* unorganized trip
* camera stopped working probably due to moisture hence couldn’t take lot of pictures
* couldn’t utilize the full 2.5 days
* Tickets were not confirmed till last moment.
* too many pesky hawkers on beach

Overall a satisfying trip nonetheless.

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