Success = Get things Aligned in Life

I was discussing this with one of my friend sometime back that how it is so important to get things aligned in life.

Those people who are able to align everything eventually gets what all they want, for the rest, it is long struggle.

Here is perfect example of some of the people whom I know (mostly from my college) –

1. Became software engineers, spent four years and learnt nothing (I am prime example of this too, I learnt nothing in my engineering years and consider it to be lost years of my life)

2. Some of them did MBA immediately after engineering, so the 4 years turn out to be total waste as eventually they get into finance, operations or analytics.

3. Those who didn’t do MBA immediately. worked as software engineers for 1-2 year, again learnt nothing, kept on trying to crack CAT, eventually did it or went to US to do MBA. So this is waste of 6 years considering they completely changed their paths.

4. After 2 years of MBA, people got jobs in different cities, in different companies and in different verticals, everyone started their life again, most of them went on to change 1-2 jobs in first 18 months for higher salaries. After 1-2 years, now the finance guy is trying to move to analytics and Operations guy into consultancy. There are few who wants to leave India to work in US for few years to have some savings.

I can go on and on but I think it is clear what is going on here. You can’t jump ships from one to another, in life, you need to align everything as only than you will achieve success, so stick to one thing. 

Of course, the problem is, most of the people don’t know what they want in life but it is OK as long as you are loving what you are doing but the problem is, people keeps on doing things which they don’t like and which makes them unsatisfied, unhappy and anxious. (watch this video what if money was no object)

So the summary of the post is, in life if you want to be successful, Align Everything which is Learning (your knowledge), Passion, Dream, Life, things in which you are good at and Things which make you happy.

5 thoughts on “Success = Get things Aligned in Life

  1. Jiggyasa srivastava

    Hahaha..the dilemma of an engineer is well known. Engineers doing MBA later are always shot with this question “Why the hell did u do Engineering then and wasted 4 years?” I cannot agree with you enough on the necessity to align our lives. I just wish everyone has that clarity from the beginning so that he has the right vision and motivation.

  2. RiTz HaZy

    I have always tried to allign things up, but I am taken aback for what I really want in life…a corporate girl myself had always wanted to b on the top….but it was just my want not my dream..success is alligned only when u desperately want it…otherwise u ll tend to fall…deep truth 🙂

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