Take a Print out of this right now

Take a Print out of this right now

You fail because you let things fail. And at the end of the day you’ll blame every person you’ve ever met for your failure. You’ll give 100 reasons why it’s their fault. How that employee didn’t do his job. How that customer screwed you. How that investor didn’t invest when it was really important. How the damn developers just sat on their asses and delivered dog crap to you. Then you’ll wake up one night when it’s just you sitting there alone, and you’ll realize that you’re the entrepreneur and you’re the only one holding the bag of responsibility. That company is yours, even if you’re a 1% equity holder. Employees are as loyal as cats. Investors have lots of other deals going on. Customers always have other options, and they’re pretty good about reminding you of that. So at the end of the day, it’s just you. You and your company. Because, you see, the company is you. You are the company. You are singular zen being. That’s when the lightbulb goes on and you have to be a big boy or big girl and say: “I take absolute and total responsibility for the success or failure of this company. It will succeed in part by me, and I will get partial credit for its success. But it will fail in full by me, and I will take 100% of the responsibility for its failure.” Sorry, you only get partial credit, but 100% responsibility.

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