The Single biggest problem with Indian Micro Companies is …

They don’t know how to sell.

This is the email I got today (I get 3 such emails daily)

I am Priyanka Marketing Executive. (what?)

We have a SEO discount offer going for the following package: –

**Long list of some random stuff**

Our Best rates for this: – USD XXX per month per project at beginning of every month.

This Discount is Valid till August 31th 2011 (well but today is 5th September, Do’h)

Please let us know in case you are interested.

Warm Regards,

So Priyanka just copy/pasted the email without even reading it whether it is even making any sense. now since the email was sent from, I am assuming priyanka (or priyank) is sending these mails manually which is such a huge waste of time considering I can bet s(h)e is not going to get a single reply with these emails. This is not even spray and prey, this is just “begging and prey”

So the question is, what such people and such micro companies of India can do to look more presentable and acceptable to potential client ? The answer is simple, Think from the Clients Point of View (it is common sense but everyone fails to do this as we think we are smarter then the client and knows best for him). If you see the above mail, the person is just hard selling it without even realizing what he is selling and whether the recipients even need it ? the price also seems to be ridiculous (you should never mention the price in such emails, nor should write such lengthy unsolicited emails). And last but not the least, never send a business mail from gmail id, you are not running an online B2B business if you are using free service providers.

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