The singlemost biggest Problem with these Retail Chains in India is –

Horrible and Unprofessional Staff

It seems all these Vishal Mega Mart and Big Bazaar find the most incompetent people who have no desire to help customers/shoppers and put them to manage everything. I know they are underpaid (probably 3k to 6k per month) and that their work do not require any skill but this doesn’t mean they don’t have to do anything. Most of the time when I go to nearby vishal mega mart, I never get straight answer from anyone, most of the answers are like “mujhe nahi pata” (I don’t know) or “ask someone else”.

This is where local shop score over these big retailers, there is personalization. The local shopwala knows his customers, call them by name, doesn’t mind getting paid later and suggests you new products.

Another problem with these big retail chains is that they are looking to grow way too fast without really too much thinking about the existing customers, ideally they should be focusing 80% time/resources on what they have currently and to make it better and stronger and the rest 20% time/resources on starting new stores and doing new thing but I think it is otheway around.

Why can’t the staff of retail marts act like staff of mcdonalds, they are also not that well paid but they are told to help their customers and talk to them nicely which do it pretty well.

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