This is how Sanjeev Bikhchandani started Naukri

Brief snippet of an article I had read and clipped it, it is an amazing summary of how stratup founders need to work, there is no initial glory, money or fame even after running the startup for 3+ years and raising funding. Also he worked without salary for 3+ years too and kept on doing another job (the original article is a must read).

Well, for the first three years, my wife was in Nestle and the company couldn’t pay me. The next two years, the company could pay me and my wife was still in Nestle so we were okay. She quit in 1995 and around 1996 I became the Consulting Editor of The Pioneer’s career supplement called Avenues. That gave me a monthly cheque; we were not well-off but we got by.
By that time my reference group had changed, so I was not seeing what my batch mates were getting. In 2000 when we got venture capital from ICICI, I had been through the second round of not taking salary for three years — 1997 to 2000. That was tough.

During that time my wife was not working, so I had to do a second job. I got up at 6.00 in the morning, dropped her to the bus stop, was in the office by 7.00, worked till 12.00 then would go to The Pioneer come back and work till midnight again. This went on for three years.

That was tough, but the thing about doing your own business is that you are probably very happy even though you are not making money, for the simple reason that you are in control of your life and priorities and that is important to me.

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