Type of Busness Ideas which will work on Indian web space

Normally I write in a flow and don’t reread the post so my apologies in advance if the post lacks continuity or has spelling mistakes.

In this post, I am going to write down what I feels, types of Ideas which are/will work in India. This is a casually written post with no research done and is based on my 7 years “hardcore” net knowledge 🙂

In India, we can categories successful web companies into 4 categories and I feels for next few years, all new successful ventures will come only in these 4 categories

1. Aggregators i.e. those sites who are aggregating information
2. Copy ideas from US web space (or from any other country)
3. Get offline to Online
4. Classified content like matrimony, jobs, buy/sale cars, houses etc
5. Solving some real problem (very painful to implement + not much money)

1. It is something which we are all seeing on Indian spaces, specially in travel industry. Aggregation works so well in India because Indian we space is still very immature and content is very fragmented, even the well organized site like nic.in seems to be very fragmented to me, lot of information but scattered, so if you can offer a service which aggregates useful data and information, the company can be huge success. Few ideas are, Government inquiries, PAN Card/passport/ration card, Exam results, Reviews etc

2. People are copying each other from the beginning of Internet, anything which works in USA normally gets copied to UK, Australia, India, South America and other european countries. A business model which is already tested in other country will always be successful in any other part of the world provided it is web based. Here is what I feels, Indians should look into other countries too to copy ideas, specially countries which have similar economy and people, for e.g. Brazil and China can be perfect countries from where Indian entrepreneurs can “take” ideas as the ideas from US normally gets copied very soon. I had explored China market in 2009-10 for brief period though couldn’t find much to implement in India, though I will highly advice people to look into China, Brazil, Korean, Russian and Mexican market for ideas.

3. Coupons, all kind of ticket booking, ecommerce and everything which is happening offline can be bring Online. I strongly feels, “anything which Internet has not touched will be eventually get touched by internet for good” (I read this on cdixon.org’s blog, please please read all his blog posts, its all gold!) so in India, find the pain points, things which people hate to do but are still compelled to do because of lack of online option and implement that.

Personally, I love these kind of ideas most as they are solving some pain which means you never have to spend much on marketing, Indians love to talk and will talk about your service if it is good. Paying online bills is a great idea which I wanted to do but this has alrady been done by ICICI in 2000 though done very poorly.

4. From 2000 onwards, all the classified sections were moved to the web, Matrimony, Vacancy/Jobs, Buy/sale cars/vehicles/houses etc. This was very natural thing and I feels now there is nothing much from classified which can be moved to web, may be very narrow niches like “services” and “Rent”, these are being done by sulekha but still there is a good scope for launching a vertical business, specially on Rent.

5. I love businesses which come in this category, the problem is, there are not too many, due to over complexity and low returns. I wanted (and still do) to solve the problem of waste in India, we all know this is Local municipality’s responsibility but they are too numb towards this, the problem is, I realized that this is a very big thing and I don’t have the resources and will/”balls” to do it. There is not much money in it either so just like every Indian, I too want to see the change but don’t want to do it myself *sigh*. Some great ideas can be giving small loans, education, hospitals, vaccination, houses etc

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