We Need Better Ads

Today I exchanged some emails with one of India’s leading ad network regarding possible advertising partnership and I came to know that they are offering $0.20 to $0.60 CPM rates for Indian Traffic, something which I felt is very low though I am not surprised as they were keeping a huge 40% cut for themselves and that most of the sites which are with non google ad networks in India have inferior quality of inventory.

Now this made me think, how can we make this whole scenario of adnetworks paying peanuts to advertisers more win-win-win for advertisers, ad networks and publishers and the most obvious thing that can be done is to start thinking about the “user” and how to get them more involved by having better display ads specially on Indian web space where I see some very dull ads of advertisers which are spending loads of money.

Google (and I am sure others too) do have quality score where they measure how successful an ad is in terms of attracting users but I think ad network can do better than this, rather then advertisers trying to make their ads perfect, they can get involve in helping advertisers to build best interactive ads which can result higher CTR which will result in higher earnings for both ad network and publisher

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