What do you want in Life ?

Today being sunday, is the only day I get to think about non work related stuff. so since yesterday night, I was thinking about what I (or people at my age (late twenties) want in life).

Being a minimalistic guy myself, I have very few expenses. I don’t want big house or car (infact I don’t see me buying them at all unless really needed, I like to live on rent and travel by bus) and doesn’t have any expensive hobbies, I don’t like to buy expensive stuff either so overall I can live my life comfortably at Rs 25,000 per month. I strongly believes, the worst thing you can do with your life is to earn meaningless money.

so What do I want in Life ? I want to live a Happy and Worry Free Life.

What about you ?

An old pic which I had shared earlier

One thought on “What do you want in Life ?

  1. Mamta Soni

     very nice and very true. Thanks for sharing this thought i believe this too..Sometimes life becomes too small in comparison the money we earn, we spend all our life in earning and saving and do not enjoy life truely.

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