Why I love IXIGO as compared to other travel sites and why usability and design matters

In the past 3 months I have traveled a lot and is planning to travel more, on 7th February, I will be at entrepreneurship summit which will be held at IIT Bombay, now for such travels, I normally look at all the top 4-5 travel sites to find the cheapest hotels and flights, though after using them couple of times, let me assure you, there is no price difference between any, so here is my tip to other guys to save some money and Time, stick to one OTA site and they will help you to get more concessions in long run as old customer.

Now to the Post Topic – why on the web, Design and usability matters specially when you are in competitive field, Online Travel Agents and Hotel booking is a low margin, cut throat businesses with way too many players playing volume game trying to lure the same set of customers chasing limited amount of money, this is where I love ixigo, it is a no frill site with no ads, very clean design, no images and offers what the users wants. All other sites pushes something else too or shows ads or are not user friendly and ixigo certainly stands way apart from them.


I am of course no way associated with ixigo, just a regular user of it who feels others travel sites should work on usability and design of their sites to make them more responsive and interactive to retain the customer.

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