Why it is ALRIGHT to be a single founder

Last year I had made this blog post Pain of being a Single Founder in Indian Startup, it is almost one year since I made that post and I still strongly feels that going alone is not a smart thing as it will burn you very fast and single point of failure is never good. Startups are all about not making mistakes and as a single founder, your one mistake can set you back by 3 months (it happened with WorkMonk). There is also the cost factor, with two founders, you can share the cost (I had to put 3 Lakh from my own pocket to get the office which still hurts)

But there are some advantages too of being a single founder, and if you think you can pull it off, then go alone

1. Speed – I may be wrong but single founder certainly take much faster decision as compared to multiple founder as they never has to discuss and ask for permission. Of course this depends on how good of a chemistry is between co-founders. I know many 3 people startups who works with extreme efficiency.

2. No disputes/arguments on how to shape up the company – I think the single most biggest reason of startups failing in India at the very early stage is because founders break apart. People have their own egos, ideas and vision and after six months, when things don’t happen the way you want, one of the co-founder leaves doing some serious damage to the startup. As a single founder, you know you are pretty much on your own and get used to taking risks, making calls and understanding your limitations.

3. Single founders get better understanding of the business (at least initially) – If you are the developer, designer, marketer and sales person, you will be surprised how broad your overall understanding of your own business is as compared you doing only one part and 3 other people doing the rest.

I strongly feels that you should have a co-founder who complements your skills but if you don’t, still it is perfectly fine, don’t waste your time finding a co-founder and just start building your startup, it is your startup, you have to build it and of course in India, People only catch that bus which is moving, right ?

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