Why you should be Minimalistic

I am a big fan of being minimalistic as I personally believes that it is easier to save money then to make money.Not to mention, marketers are shoving things down your throat and you keeps on buying things without realizing if you are even going to use it.

I also like to avoid too much overhead of maintaining things, for example, a Car may be good but has a huge overhead of maintaining it so I feels I am better of using city bus or auto. I also always order things online as it turns out cheap with free shipping (there are coupons available for online shopping too). For offline purchasing, there is BigBazaar.

People buying big overpriced houses, driving big cars always amuses me since Indian reality market is highly inflated for uninformed and there are no broad roads in most of the cities in India to drive big cars. My point is, just because you can afford it doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

One thought on “Why you should be Minimalistic

  1. sreeprasad naik

    I always thought about the car thing..Huge car by rich guy on a small indian road/street..No parking space or place to turn the damn thing…Amusing 🙂

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