Will b2c part of eBay India survive onslaught of eCommerce sites ?

Each day, a new ecommerce site gets started in India and 2 questions gets posted on OCC/Headstart mailing list about how to start an ecommerce site. There are already many sites in niche verticals like eyeglasses and watches and this is just the beginning. Now the question is, What will happen to India’s oldest B2B/B2C ecommerce site ebay India and how relevant it will be considering almost everything which people on selling now is already there on eCommerce sites. And the single biggest reason that goes in favor of ecommerce sites as compared to ebay is “Ownership”, as a buyer you know with whom you are dealing and that ecommerce store will deliver the product in the time with genuine product, something which is not the case with ebay seller.

I feels eBay India will remain relevant as far as C2C is concerned, people selling their used products on ebay (though there is lot of fraud going on there too, lot of stolen electronics are getting sold on ebay) will be there but the “shops” which are using ebay to sell their products, they are in serious trouble because they can not match the Pricing offered by ecommerce sites.

May be it a good time for eBay to reinvent itself otherwise it may be heading towards Rediff shopping like fate, where the independent sellers gave the bad name to rediff shopping and the shopping experience was never in control of Rediff.

3 thoughts on “Will b2c part of eBay India survive onslaught of eCommerce sites ?

  1. Zepo

    Hey Pushkar,

    Nice use of image there 🙂

    You are right.. regarding your concern for ebay India.. they need to do more than just act as marketplace.. 

    But for your concern regarding the sellers – they are smart people.. 
    most of the professional sellers on ebay are already selling through other ecommerce sites
    In fact, they sell through as many of them as possible – yebhi, wobhi 🙂

    I have observed that no matter how many times an eCommerce site claims ‘no third-party sellers’ – almost all of them partner with (credible) merchants / sellers. 

    But for these sellers, ebay will remain a preferred place to sell because it still gives them a higher profit, decent sales and more autonomy.

  2. Pushkar Gaikwad

    Hey Nitin, good to see your reply and hope zepo is making good progress too

    so you think ebay gives good return to independent sellers as I feels,
    because of 10% tax deduction + fees, the seller prices on ebay are very
    high as compared to ecommerce site. For e.g. a wifi printer which we
    ordered yesterday costed us 52xx on an ecommerce site when on ebay.in it was on 61xx (this is there with all the items).

    But ya, you can always find good stuff on ebay.in too and independent sellers are not going anywhere for sure.

  3. Zepo

    I feel the price difference is mainly in the electronics segment.. where the big e-commerce players are having better hand then individual sellers on ebay..

    but nevertheless, it is surely exciting to watch how this space evolves in next 5 years.. 

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